Monday, January 18, 2010

Breath Wind Spirit Words

In many languages the words breath and spirit are connected. My earlier article is on the many traditions which believe that God/Creator breathed the animating spirit into human beings. See The Breath and Spirit of Life.

Today's column is related in that it presents a list of words from many cultures and languages that have the double meaning of breath and spirit or life force.

Aramaic – ruach/ruakh – wind, air, gas; spirit, breath

Aztec – tona – vital energy; heat

Babylonian – vahu – wind god; breath of life

Chinese – qi – breath; vital energy

Cree Native American – oenikika – breath of life

Greek – pneuma – breath, air, wind; spirit, soul

Hawaiian Ancient – ha – breath of life, life force energy

Hebrew – nephesh – breath, soul, life

Hindu – prana – life force; the breath of god

Lakota Native American – woniya waken – holy air

Maori – nge – breath of life

Mayan – ik – breath of life, spirit, life force; name of the wind god; wind, vital energy

Zoroastrian – raman – breath of life

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! i wish i could manke a tattoo with "vahu" written, in it's original alphabet.. do you know the Babylonian alphabet? hard, i know. Anyway, awesome blog, awesome post!